Twitter Considers Aping Google’s Ad Words

There’s long been speculation about how Twitter is going to make money. And although it landed $100 million in funding last summer, we’re still no clearer as to how this is going to come about. But, as AllThingsD is reporting, there are whispers about how it’s planning on going down the Google route with an ad platform similar to Google’s AdWords. Just what Google wants to hear, no doubt, seeing as they’re already paying Twitter handsomely for its live stream. And let’s not even mention Buzz.


Biz Stone has repeatedly said that he’s not going to direct Twitter down the Web-advertising road, but according Peter Kafka’s spies, ads will stick to the 140-character model and will be tied to Twitter searches, not to people’s regular streams. To get the ball rolling, Twitter is planning on using ad agencies and buyers, but will then revert to self-serve, a la Google.

It’s also worth speculating that Twitter may well get into the paid analytics thang, just like Facebook is planning on, in order to boost its revenue–although it was good to go for $100 million after its last funding round. It’s already been proved that Twitter works as a marketing tool, so anyone who fancies themselves as a gambler might want to take a punt on the advertising model succeeding.

[Via AllThingsD]AD