Today in Most Innovative Companies

Wii Sports

Zappos: The online shoe giant is trying to enter the video e-commerce game, hoping interactive videos of its products will spur sales. According to the San Francisco Chronicle, “Shoppers can click on items in the clips to see more information, including any current promotions and whether the product is in stock.” Zappos is featuring Nike in its first roll out of videos, but intends to eventually upload 50,000 more–though, as SFC points out, that’d only cover 1% of its products!

Facebook: A unexplained glitch caused a huge mix-up of messages on Facebook, with some accounts being flooded with other people’s mail. The inbox-flub only reaffirms critics of Facebook’s privacy issues–then again, maybe this is just Zuckerberg’s first step toward showing us that privacy is no longer a “social norm.”

Nintendo: The company’s U.S. president Reggie Fils-Aime had some bold words today for competitors. After a year of demolishing the PS3 and Xbox 360, Fils-Aime tells the Wall Street Journal that he isn’t worried about the new motion-sensor technology from Microsoft and Sony, stating, like a Wii Tennis-style backhand, “We do not fear any competitor.”

Walmart & Whole Foods: In a battle royal of taste conducted by the Atlantic, Corby Kummer discovered that produce at John Mackey‘s organic food emporium doesn’t always outshine its lesser-priced competitor’s. Kummer underwent a series of blind taste-tests of fruit and vegetables from both stores. What do you think? Are Whole Food’s products on par with Walmart’s? Are we just taken by the green atmosphere and farm-fresh look of the place? [Via Lifehacker]