WANTED: Pointlessly Expensive Beru F1 Bike With Split Downtube, Electronics

WANTED: Pointlessly Expensive Beru F1 Bike With Split Downtube, Electronics
Beru F1 Bike


Last year, we spotted an F1-engineered bicycle on display at the Science Museum in London and decided we liked it very much. Now it’s available for everyone, not just the museum’s night watchmen to skid about down the corridors on–and it looks like the Beru F1 engineers have fiddled with the design a little bit, making it look even more otherworldly than it was before.

A carbon monocoque frame renders it ultra-lightweight, (Flavio Briatore, move away from the bike now, please) and the Factor 001 comes in Jon Ive white, taking six engineers a week to make. Here are the pros and cons of owning such an object.


  • Each bike is individually tailored to the customer’s exact measurements and preferences.
  • The makers will engrave your name on the handlebars for you.
  • It’s limited edition.
  • Both 220 Triathlon magazine and L’Acheteur Cyclist have given it a million thumbs ups.
  • Eight-spoke carbon comp wheels let you ride the road as smoothly as possible.
  • Shimano Di2 electronic gear shift.
  • Twin-vein design transmits rider power into forward motion.
  • There’s a split downtube that lowers the drag profile by cutting the volume in two.
  • An attached LCD touchscreen can analyze all kinds of data, reading everything from skin temp, individual leg power output and respiration rate to atmospheric pressure and humidity.
  • It’s rather beautiful, isn’t it?


  • The Factor 001 costs $34,000 for a standard model, and $41,750 for one with integrated electronics.
  • You’ll need your own velodrome for this, as riding over potholes will probably do something extreme to your family jewels.
  • And a security guard to stand over it when you pop into the convenience store.

[Via Autoblog]


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