How to Update Your Tweets and Facebook Fan Page Status Together

After a presentation the other day where I had mentioned as a way to update your status across multiple social media sites, one of the attendees asked me how to do the same with Facebook fan pages. Specifically, she wanted to post something once and have it update her Twitter status and her fan page.

I didn’t have an immediate answer and threw it out to my Twitter connections, who provided a few different options. After looking at them, I found that Hootsuite offers the most elegant solution. Hootsuite is a free suite of tools that help you better manage your social media activity.

First go setup a free account at Hootsuite (if you don’t already have one.) Once you’re logged in, you’ll click on Settings, choose Social Networks, and then Add a Social Network. This will open a small window where you can select Facebook Pages and select which page you want to sync with, then click Connect with Facebook. Once you’re all set up you can use Hootsuite to post a message to Twitter and update your fan page at the same time.

Thanks to Karen Skidmore who gave me the heads up on this.

Rich Brooks
Social Media Marketing for Small Business