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Mercedes Reveals Teaser Preview of Its 2011 Hybrids

The gorgeous F800 is a preview of the styling and technology that will grace the 2011 CLS.


Mercedes has just taken the wrapper off of the F800, the marquee concept car that it’ll be touting next month at the Geneva Auto Show. The big lure are its green bonafides: One version is an electric/hydrogen hybrid; the lithium-ion battery will carry it 18 miles in single overnight charge, while the hydrogen fuel cell is good for another 375 miles. But there’s also a more realistic version that contains a hybrid gasoline/plug-in electric V6 engine.

Stylistically, the front grill and body darts echo the famed Gullwing–a classic from the 1950s. The doors, meanwhile, open in a “pivot-and-slide.” The front pivots like normal, but the back slides away like on a minivan. All of which isn’t just a design excercise: The model is a style preview for the 2011 revamp of the CLS line, which is rumored to also include a hybrid engine.



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