Infographic of the Day: Curling Explained (FINALLY)

If you’ve been following the Winter Olympics at all, you’ve probably seen a little bit of curling–and you’ve probably been totally baffled by it, as well. Finally, The Times of London has produced an infographic, designed by Ciaran Hughes, which explains the sport (full-size version here):


The key to remember is that you only get points for the stones you throw that end up closer to the bull’s eye than all of your opponent’s stones. (Think of petanque or bocce ball, if you’ve ever played.) So in practice, it’s rare for a good team to have more than one stone per round (“end,” in curling parlance) that actually scores.

Still curious about the game? Check out Mental Floss’s guide to curling strategy–detailing things like where to place the stones if you’re playing defensively, for example. Meanwhile: The medal rounds in curling begin this Friday! To get you pumped, here’s a video by Swedish heavy metal band Hammerfall, featuring the Swedish women’s curling team.

You’re welcome.

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