• 02.22.10

Dimitri Medvedev Rocks Biggest Portable This Side of Gordon Gekko’s Cell Phone

Dimitri Medvedev

When it comes to laptops, Dimitri Medvedev doesn’t exactly go for portability. The Russian president favors the Tandberg Tactical MXP, a beefy monster that boasts over thirteen types of embedded encryption, and is mainly used for videoconferencing over an ISDN line. Roughly translated, said line has built-in miniature Russian nano ninja bots that are trained in mano-a-mano combat against cyber attacks and nosy buggers, so that the leader of the Slightly-Freer-Than-It-Used-To-Be* World can enjoy Chat Roulette in the privacy of his own bunker.


Although the MXP costs $16,000, those kindly souls at Tandberg have thrown in the carrying case for free. And the wheels that you need to transport it. And the handle. There’s also space for a spare pair of socks and tighty whities, should Dimitri get bogged down overnight in Chechnya. Medvedev–try typing that when you’re sober–also rocks a MacBook Pro, perfect for when he’s hanging out in the Twirling Tassels bar, situated close to his dacha in Dagomys. Seventeen inches, natch.

*But that’s not saying much, is it?

[Via Mobile Magazine]

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