The Top 5 Cities for Green Jobs


Looking for a green job and have the freedom to relocate? You might want to think strategically about where you move. According to the Center for American Progress, these are the top 5 cities for green jobs:

1. San Francisco

2. Boston

3. Detroit

4. Portland

5. New York City

San Francisco, Boston, and NYC aren’t too surprising–they’re all high-tech, highly-educated hubs–but Portland and Detroit? Portland generated 20,000 new clean tech jobs in 2007 alone, and the city shows no signs of slowing down. And Detroit is set to employ thousands of people in the burgeoning hybrid vehicle sector. The Center for American Progress reports that a mechanical engineer with a bachelor’s degree working on electric cars in the city can expect to make approximately $63,600.

Of course, you don’t necessarily need to pack your bags for Detroit to get a green job. Pew Charitable Trusts also lists Seattle, Denver, and Austin as some of the best cities for cleantech companies.

[Center for American Progress]