Bobble Aims to Become the Brita of Portable Water Bottles


Does Karim Rashid’s love of brightly colored plastic know no bounds? With his latest product, Bobble, the quirky industrial designer brings yellow, red, and, of course, pink to the staid world of the portable plastic water bottle, along with his usual sleek, sinuous curves. (Rashid resorted to similar tactics with a self-warming baby bottle that hit the market last month.)

This isn’t the first attempt to use design to get people to drink tap water–the KOR ONE bottle also attempts to seduce through its aesthetics (it has a pink option too). But there’s more to the story here. Bobble, which will become available at the beginning of March, aims to be nothing less than the Brita of water bottles.

Move Collective, the company that conceived and engineered Bobble, hopes it will wean consumers from their addiction to bottled water. Of course, we all have some sense how bad plastic water bottles are for the environment–nearly 1.5 billion barrels of oil are used to make them each year, and the vast majority wind up in landfills or marine debris. But many of us keep buying our Fiji and Poland Spring anyway, because bottled water is not only convenient but also tastier.

Bobble hopes it can change our habits with a carbon filter that removes chlorine and contaminants from municipal drinking water, giving tap water a better flavor. The filtration system is good for 300 refills, significantly mitigating the impact of drinking bottled water, while also saving consumers a fair amount of money. The bottle itself is made of recycled plastic and contains no PVC, phthalates, or any of that bad stuff, making it an all-around environmental winner. Now, if only came with an ice maker.JA