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Recently I was in a meeting with a general manager and I explained what service innovation could mean to him.

When I mentioned customer service he started to talk about his experience with a software company. His angerness was back again when he told about the way he was treated by the person on the telephone. Even more people could hear him share his bad experience.


That is what happens with bad news, it travels fast and you share it with many people. That is why it is crucial to see your customer service department not just a nuissance. Your customer service people are continuously in touch with your customers and they have a huge impact on the way your service and even your brand is perceived. The use of social media even strenghtens the importance of quality communications with your customers.


Customer service has become one of the few areas in which you can truely differentiate yourself. Modern companies are therefor placing the responsibility for customer service under the CMO/Marketing.

Zappos’ number one value (as part of their culture) is "To deliver WOW through service".


This all proves the value of of great customer service to your customers as well as your bottom line.