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Americans Raising Roofs, Getting Their Coupon


Debt. It really sucks and it is a big reason we got in such a gigantic (extra dill) financial pickle. For too long we were a nation of debtors not savers but all that is changing. As the above graphic makes clear, 2009 was a very good year for coupon clipping in this country. That might seem like a modest means of saving, but it adds up fast. How fast? Somewhere around $100,000 fast. That's a lot of Skippy. Now, some will argue that coupons are nothing more than a smarmy way for retailers to get us in their shops to buy junk we don't need. And there's some truth in that. But there is also truth in this: If we are going to mend our consumerist ways to the point that we don't repeat sins of the past, we must sprinkle a healthy dose of frugality in with the splurges. By all means—pay retail prices when you need to. Just don't go into debt over it.

Infographic: Rob Vargas