• 03.01.10

10th Anniversary of the Nasdaq Peaking at 5,048.62

As we try to put the remains of one burst bubble behind us, it can be easy to forget the beginning of the end of another just 10 years ago. Here’s a look at how things have changed — or not — in the decade since tech stocks rose to all-time highs.

10th Anniversary of the Nasdaq Peaking at 5,048.62

World’s richest man

THEN: Bill Gates | NOW: Bill Gates


No. 1 Web site

THEN: AOL | NOW: Google

No. 1 search engine

THEN: Yahoo | NOW: Google

Internet users worldwide

THEN: 360 million | NOW: 1.7 billion

No. 1 auto manufacturer

THEN: General Motors | NOW: Toyota

U.S. cell-phone penetration

THEN: 34% | NOW: 89%

Organic-food sales

THEN: $6.1 billion (1.2% of total food sales) | NOW: $21.2 billion (3.4% of total food sales)


Percentage of the U.S. House that is Republican

THEN: 51.3% | NOW: 40.9%

Percentage of the U.S. that is obese

THEN: 26% | NOW: 34%

Number of daily papers in the U.S.

THEN: 1,480 | NOW: 1,422

Nation with lowest life expectancy

THEN: Zambia (37.2) | NOW: Angola (38.2)

Nation with highest life expectancy

THEN: Andorra (83.5) | NOW: Andorra (82.5)

Top marginal tax rate

THEN: 39.6% | NOW: 35%


Largest food manufacturer

THEN: Nestlé | NOW: Nestlé