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BroadSoft is attending this week’s 2010 Mobile World Congress, where of course lots of new services are being announced.  Microsoft’s unveiling of Windows Mobile 7 grabbed a lot of attention, as well as an array of new smart phones sporting the latest bells and whistles.  Perhaps of course the most interesting topic to us at the event is the role of VoIP for wireless carriers, which is a tremendous opportunity.

BroadSoft unveiled today its newest mobile features for our BroadWorks Application Server, which we have appropriately named BroadWorks Mobility Suite . These new features bring a myriad of opportunities to wireless carriers, enabling them to expand their enterprise and consumer offerings and develop far deeper relationships with their customers.

For example, businesses today, with increasingly mobile and distributed workforces, are challenged by how to best manage their employees’ mobile devices. Our new mobile features overcome this challenge.  Mobile operators can now enable enterprises to manage their communication costs and meet company objectives, from tracking mobile phone use in real-time, to extending corporate policies to mobile devices.

Employees benefit from our latest features as well.  One great example is the improved "reach-a-bility" of employees, who can leverage a mobile operator’s ability to deliver any IP communication option to a single number, not just voice and SMS, but IM, presence and location-based applications.

For consumers, they are now in control.  They can manage all of their communication services and devices from a single account on a secured network.

But our new BroadWorks Mobility Suite isn’t just about enabling mobile operators to take new, innovative communications services to market today.  Our platform is designed to easily migrate these features when mobile operators move to LTE networks. And this is When with a capital W – not if. LTE is no doubt the future of wireless. Curtis outlined the numerous benefits of LTE, such as 10X the transmission speeds and lower costs per bit here. AT&T is planning field trials of its LTE roll-out later this year, according to a WSJ article last week. And China Mobile- the country’s largest wireless service — is rolling out its 4G service this May.

The core of our newest mobile features is a superior end-user experience – ensuring individuals can stay continuously connected, regardless of where they are and regardless of the way they want to communicate.  So whether you are stuck in the midst of a blizzard or working from a trade show in beautiful Barcelona, it really makes no difference, you are connected….