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WANTED: Mattel's Puppy Tweets Collar

puppy tweets

We love talking dogs. Even more specifically, we love to impose excitable yet simple-minded dialogue on dogs. Who didn't giggle at Dug the talking dog in Pixar's Up, who was prone to moments of dimwitted cuteness with lines like "I was hiding under your porch because I love you"? In the absence of a multilingual translating collar like Dug's, Mattel's Puppy Tweets collar seems like the next best thing. The $30 collar is equipped with a motion and sound sensor to help it select which of the 500 pre-recorded Tweets best describes what your pup is doing. It then beams the Tweet wirelessly to a USB receiver, which in turn updates the Twitter account you've set up.

puppy tweets

It's not really meant to provide deep insight into the mind of your dog—the pre-recorded Tweets include "I finally caught that tail I've been chasing, and...OOUUUCHH!"—and without video, its sensors will likely post some inaccurate Tweets. Oh, and as with all things puppy, your friends are not likely to be as taken with your puppy's Twitter account as you are. But, you know, it's $30, and it has the potential to be incredibly adorable as well as giving a peek at what your dog's up to while you're away.

[Available this fall for $30—via LA Times]