How to (Almost) Get Into Fast Company [VIDEO]

Daniel Odio

Last night I got an email from a one Daniel Odio, co-founder of a service called AppMakr. He told me a little bit about his service (they make turn-key iPhone apps) and paid a couple of compliments–ostensibly in hopes of ginning up some good press.

Then our tireless Executive Editor found this: a video Odio posted on his blog detailing how he has automated the process of tracking down and soliciting reporters for coverage. Lo and behold, the video uses me as the test case. In the video Odio Googles me, skims my beat, and finds my email address and fires up his email automator and delivers the pitch.

I don’t hold this against Odio, of course; I know that getting good press for your startup requires an exhausting sort of hand-grenade diplomacy. And I really like email automation. But Odio’s tutorial doesn’t quite nail it; getting a reporter’s attention takes a little more than just a captivating subject line. Naturally there was only one way to respond: below, my video riposte, a reporter’s tutorial on how to get press.