U2 Finds Carbon Trade Under a Blood Red Sky


U2 has worked for decades on various humanitarian efforts, but up until now the band has mostly overlooked potential environmental projects. Not anymore–the tireless Irish foursome is raising money for the Dora-1 geothermal plant in Turkey by selling Offset Options’ carbon offset credits for $1.89 on top of regular concert ticket prices.

Fans that purchase the credits are theoretically offsetting CO2 from traveling to their U2 concert of choice by sending money directly to Dora-1 or one of the other carbon offset projects endorsed by Offset Options. Ultimately, U2 hopes to raise up to $450,000.

The hypocritical thing here is that U2 concerts are mindblowingly carbon intensive. U2’s recent 360 world tour featured three 390-ton stages, 200 crew members, and on one occasion the band even added a satellite link-up to the International Space Station. The 18-month tour ended up producing 65,000 tons of CO2, or enough to fly the members of U2 to Mars and back. In comparison, Madonna’s 2006 world tour produced 1,635 tons of CO2. So if U2 really wants to make a difference, it should ditch the carbon offsets and focus on fixing its touring practices.

[Via VentureBeat]AS