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How many of you are tired of hearing about the fact that Washington, DC and its surrounding suburbs are experiencing Snowpocalypse, Snowmageddon, or whatever catchy name you want to use to describe the 30 inches of snow that fell within 24 hours and then another 8 inches 3 days later in our area?  Well, let me personally say you are no more tired of hearing about it than those of us at BroadSoft’s corporate headquarters are of living through it.

But our snowstorm of the century is no reason to stop commerce.  Those of us in corporate America have projects to complete, goals to accomplish and performance metrics to hit… even though most of us are snowed in, we are certainly not bored and looking for something to do.  As a matter-of-fact, I have been extremely productive the last 4 business days working from home.  I’ve gained an hour, and sometimes 2 depending on DC traffic, by not needing, or not being able, to commute to work each day.

Here is how a BroadSoft employee (me) has spent the last 4 business days…..and how I have leveraged our hosted communications solutions in order to keep moving our business forward (audience for that statement, my boss).

A couple of my days started at 7:00 am Eastern time, on conference calls with our European PR firm.  Okay, on the surface, that is not overly interesting, but when I say I was on a video conference call using my Bria for BroadWorks softphone, then interest is piqued.  It is not unusual for me to have video calls with my counterparts and partners at agencies around the world, but I typically use my Polycom VVX desk phone.  This week, I have used my softphone, and each call has been equally as productive as if I had been in the office.

And thanks to BroadWorks Anywhere, I have not missed a call, even though my email signature and business card do not list my cell phone number. I simply set my home phone as the primary way to reach me through our BroadWorks web-based portal, and all my calls have found me.     All my outbound calls show my BroadSoft office Calling Line ID, so my "office" has been extended to my home phone and my mobile phone.

Today was particularly great.   Each quarter, our sales executives provide an update on their accounts, so the entire organization is aware of how we can contribute to ensuring our customers are satisfied.  Our North American quarterly review was scheduled for today.  Even though no one was in the office, because it was officially closed, we all attended the meeting, remotely, and leveraged our Unified Communication services.  Many of us joined via video, we all used our collaboration tools to share documents online, and like any business person these days, most of us were multi-tasking, sending IM messages to get other work done.

So, we in the DC area are persevering and pushing on, but even with these great IP-based communication options, many BroadSoft faithful are actually looking forward to when we will be able to dig ourselves out and drive to the office, after so many days with the kids….

And for our service provider customers, we now have 110 personal case studies we can share on how hosted communications solutions are priceless to ensuring business continuity…..