What Oscar-Nominated Actors Do These Typefaces Remind You Of?

Ellen Lupton doles out Oscars for best typefaces of the year. Can you pick which actors should be their real-life stand-ins?

Lamenting a lack of appreciation for the thousands of font families released in 2009, designer (and guest blogger) Ellen Lupton doled out a series of Oscars for best typefaces of the year. Can you pick which Oscar-winning actors they reminded her of?


1. Alright Sans, by Jackson Cavanaugh, Okay Type

Alright Sans

The kid’s Alright. This ballsy geometric sans has a humanist underbelly
that helps him play those sensitive scenes in between car chases.


2. Liza Pro, by Underware

Liza Pro

A brush script with bite, Liza Pro merges artifice and spontaneity.
Tapping the power of OpenType, this fast-moving font uses automatic
substitution to conjure a constantly changing performance from 4,000
unique glyphs.


3. Mr Eaves, by Zuzana Licko, Émigré

Mr. Evans

The dainty and graceful Mrs Eaves has found her sans-serif
counterpart. With his diminutive x-height, loose letter spacing, and
lovely bones, Mr Eaves offers a balanced match for his lyrical sister. This elegant sans really knows how to wear a suit.


4. Klimax, by Ondrej Jób, Typotheque


With its engorged strokes and super-slim counters, Klimax delivers “the money shot.” This fantastically foxy typeface brings an undercurrent of theoretical rigor to a blatantly sexy genre.


5. Best Superfamily: Trilogy, by Jeremy Tankard, Jeremy Tankard Typography


Inspired by nineteenth-century commercial printing styles, Trilogy includes not only sans and slab serif typefaces but also a surprising new “fat face” variant, with ultrawide verticals and wafer-thin serifs. Trilogy packs an enormous range of expression into a single family.


a. Penelope Cruz

penelope cruz

b. Colin Firth

colin firth

c. Meryl Street meets Pamela Anderson

Meryl and Pamela


d. Matt Damon

Matt Damon

e. John Wayne meets Johnny Depp

John Wayne and Johnny Depp


Answers: 1 d; 2 a; 3 b; 4 c; 5 e


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