“Bobwheeling” Campaign Is a Failed Attempt to Promote Carbon Offsets


It seems obvious enough: the Winter Olympics require winter to work. With no snow and no ice, it’s pretty hard to have the games go on. But Offsetters, the Official Carbon Offset Supplier of the Vancouver 2010
Olympics, is milking the idea with the tongue-in-cheek “Bobwheeling” campaign. Essentially, Bobwheeling is bobsledding without the ice. Because climate change will make it so that real winter doesn’t exist, so we’ll eventually need to think of some new winter sports for the Olympics. Get it?

On paper, the campaign makes sense. But in the middle of the so-called “Snowpocalypse” that is hitting half the U.S., it may be a tough sell. As we’ve pointed out before, warming is a long-term trend, and highlighting it as a major factor in climate change right now can be confusing for anyone who looks out the window and sees three feet of snow. Winter certainly doesn’t look like it’s going anywhere. Tell us your thoughts on the Bobwheeling video below.