When I Ask Your Opinion

This morning in Seth Godin’s blog, he wrote about “When I want your opinion, I’ll ask for it” — it triggered some of the dynamics of what’s been happening on Boards I’m involved in, my client’s worlds and some of what my colleagues are dealing with in theirs as well.  When I want your opinion, I’ll definitely ask for it which doesn’t translate to “Whatever you say I’ll use as gospel and park my own opinions”.  Those of you who lead teams, organizations or boards of directors know how powerful generative dialogue is in making the necessary decisions to move forward.  Leaders are also in the position to synthesize all the opinions and all the information to take measured risks, make informed decisions and to evolve their organizations. 

So for many it’s a matter of “Get over yourselves”.  It’s not about only what you know or that your opinion is the best or only opinion; it’ss about how to integrate your knowledge and opinions into a greater whole.

My three cents.

Donna Karlin – Executive and Political Leadership Coach

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