“Miracle Machine” Brings Clean Water to Haiti

Atmospheric Water Systems

Atmospheric water generators, or machines that extract water from humid air, have been around for awhile–we wrote about Atmospheric Water Systems‘ 11-stage filtration water generator last year, and Willie Nelson even sells his own atmospheric water generator. Now the pricey technology is being used where it can make a real difference–in earthquake-ravaged Haiti. Aqua Sciences shipped over one of its atmospheric water extraction machines at the end of January, marking the first time the device has been used for relief efforts. And so far it has been wildly successful.

People on the ground have supposedly dubbed the generator “the miracle machine.” It’s an accurate moniker–the device has produced thousands of gallons of clean water for drinking, wound cleansing and surgical scrubbing at the University Hospital Compound in Port-Au-Prince. According to Aqua Sciences CEO Abe Sher, the machine has actually succeeded in fulfilling fresh water needs at the compound.

It wasn’t easy to bring the 40-foot-long machine to Haiti. Aqua Sciences worked with the Poarch Band of Creek Indians, the U.S Department of Homeland Security, the US Department of Defense, the U.S State Department, and USAID to get the atmospheric water generator into Port-Au-Prince. But now that it has been proven to work well in emergency situations, expect that the device will pop up in other water-starved emergency locales.

[Via Greenbang]