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Best Buy Makes the Ultimate E-Cycling Billboard

Best Buy Recycle

Have you been to Times Square lately? You may have seen this Best Buy billboard. At first glance, it looks like just another billboard made out of funky bric-a-brac, but look a bit closer and you'll notice that it's made out of old electronics, including VHS players, bulky computer monitors, and all sorts of other outdated products.

Best Buy Recycle

The ultra-clever billboard advertises Best Buy's recycling program, which accepts broken, obsolete, and old electronics from from any store or manufacturer. It's not always easy to figure out where to recycle e-waste, so we have to commend Best Buy for advertising its program in such a public venue. Hopefully it will help prevent a sizeable portion of old cell phones, TVs, and DVD players from ending up in landfills.

Best Buy Recycle

[Via Gizmodo]