• 02.09.10

False Alarm: Cardboard Furniture Is Still Cool

The trend may not be over, but Roberto Giacomucci’s new line shows it might be getting there.


Rumors of the death of the paper-furniture trend have been greatly exaggerated. Proof it’s alive and well comes from Italian designer Roberto Giacomucci, whose paper furniture line was recently released by cardboard construction whizzes Kubedesign. It’s all flat-pack of course–does it even come in a box? (Free design idea: mail art furniture. The shipping container folds into the object.)


It’s totally recyclable, so redecorating is as easy as slicing it
up and tossing it in the bin.


The chairs don’t look too comfortable, frankly, but the foldable stools
are nifty, and probably fun for the kids to scribble all over (no word
from Kubedesign on how much they cost). We’ve seen this kind of thing,
in one form or another, before: Gehry’s wiggle
, Shigeru Ban’s paper
and paper
, David Graas’s puzzle chairs, and
Philippe Nigro’s nearly identical, but studier-looking, Build-Up,
even a cardboard
. But I like Giacomucci’s stuff because of how basic it
is–beyond the patterned seats, there’s really no gimmick. It’s just
cardboard. In fact, it looks damn simple enough to make yourself. That
has always been part of the point with cardboard furniture, but it’s
usually been clouded by marquee names or flashy aesthetics. Giacomucci’s
designs are one step away from a plain old box. It’s nice and simple,
but it might be a sign the trend is finally on its way out.


[Via design boom]