World’s Tallest Fail! The Burj Khalifa Is Temporarily Closed

Burj Dubai

A little over a month after the half-mile high tower opened in Dubai (and exactly a month since a pair went base-jumping from the top) the Burj Khalifa is closed for business–at least temporarily. The owners of the world’s tallest structure, Emaar Properties, released a statement claiming “unexpected high
traffic” as well as “electrical problems” prompted the closure. Construction workers at the base, however, were unaware of any issues, and it was unsure whether elevators were effected.

Only the observation deck had been operational so far–a ride to the top cost $27. Question is, how long before debilitating problems for the Burj make it an inescapable symbol of an over-inflated development. The tower’s 12,000 residential and office tenants, due to start moving in this month, were to represent a new hope for the slumping Dubai economy. But they, presumably, aren’t too keen on taking the stairs.

[Houston Chronicle via @bruces]