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Stanley and Fiona Druckenmiller: The Most Charitable People in the U.S.?

Stanley Druckenmiller

Slate recently released its annual list of the largest American charitable contributions, and the results may surprise you. Familiar faces abound, with Bill and Melinda Gates, Michael Bloomberg, and George Soros all taking top spots. But Stanley and Fiona Druckenmiller? John M. Templeton? Who are these people and why are they giving so much money?

Stanley Druckenmiller, the CEO of Duquesne Capital, has opted to give $705 million to the Druckenmiller Foundation, which supports medical research, education, and poverty-fighting initiatives. Just last year, the foundation gave a $100 million grant to New York University's Langone Medical Center to build a neuroscience institute.

The late John F. Templeton, dubbed "the greatest global stock picker of the century" by Money Magazine in 1999, offered up $573 million in 2009 for the Templeton Foundation. The organization was founded in 1987 to research relationships between science, religion, spirituality, and health. Templeton's latest cash infusion makes his foundation among the 25 richest grant-makers in the country.

It's hard to say if these are actually the most charitable people in the country—if you have $100 to your name and you give up $75 to charity, you have billionaire Templeton beat. Nevertheless, we can't begrudge anyone on the list for hoarding their wealth. Check out the top 10 below.

1Stanley F. and Fiona B. DruckenmillerFinance$705 Million$705 MillionDruckenmiller Foundation
2John M. TempletonFinance$573 Million$573 MillionJohn Templeton Foundation
3William H. (Bill) III and Melinda F. GatesTechnology$350 Million$350 MillionBill & Melinda Gates Foundation
4Michael R. BloombergMedia and entertainment$254 Million$254 Million1,358 arts, human-service, public-affairs, and other groups
5Louise Dieterle NippertFamily wealth, Investments$185 Million$185 MillionGreenacres Foundation
6George SorosFinance$150 Million$150 MillionCentral European University,Fund for Policy Reform
7Eli and Edythe L. BroadFinance, Real estate$105.2 Million$65.2 MillionBroad Foundations
8J. Ronald and Frances TerwilligerReal estate$102 Million$2 Millionother groups,Habitat for Humanity International
9William P. Clements Jr.Oil$100 Million$0University of Texas Southwestern Medical Foundation
10Pierre and Pam OmidyarTechnology$92 Million$61 MillionHawaii Community Foundation,other groups