44_Dale Collie

Feed the Masses

His mission: Get food quickly to people who need it–for free. This group distributes 7 million pounds of food a year in 19 states and has created jobs for more than 100 people distributing clothes and shoes in the Ukraine.


Dale Collie
President, American Hunger Relief
Indianapolis, Indiana


What specific issue are you trying to address?
Hunger Relief in USA & Joblessness, poverty, and orphanage relief in Eastern Europe Fortune 500 Sales & Distribution Manger takes skills to the impoverished.

What business principle applied?
Business problems are pretty much like the challenges we faced as U.S. Army Rangers when we were ambushed. The only way to deal with these problems is head on, just like the only way to break out of an ambush is to attack the shooters and “run through the fire.” Any other route is certain failure–as it is when we try to avoid problems in business The business principle also involves entrepreneurial distribution strategies.

How did you put it into practice?
Hungry people cannot get to the products on foodbank shelves. Dale Collie’s vision for food distribution is one using the “empty shelf” principle moving food immediately, without the fees usually associated with food bank distribution. It’s free to partner agencies and to the hungry people. The funds usually given to the food bank can be used for programs that help break the cycle of poverty. After being told it was impossible, Dale created jobs by sending used clothing for sale in thrift stores in Ukraine. It is truly a rags to riches story–American cast off clothing saves lives in E. Europe.

How have you seen results?
Over 7 million lbs. of food per yr distributed in 19 states–free to hungry people and saving manufacturers/distributors thousands of dollars in disposal costs. This amount of food would have cost agencies almost $1 million at foodbanks. Ukraine–over 100 people now work in region of 40-90% unemployment. Affordable apparel and shoes are available for thousands of people who otherwise have only one set of clothes. And profits go for relief at orphanages where children live in destitute poverty. American Hunger Relief has gone from bankruptcy to $37 million total revenue ($ and GIK) in past six years.