38_Matt Johnston

Business style and substance. Bold colors and modern designs define this line of office furniture, which targets small businesses. It is sold in showrooms and through a well-designed Web site.


Matt Johnston
eCommerce website producer, Herman Miller Red
New York, New York


What is the big idea?
The big idea is bringing quality Herman Miller business products into the hands of small business owners, with a competitive pricing model. The twist is Herman Miller RED uses “a new web based retail concept.” The concept is to bring the physical store front experience online.

What was your creative spark?
Modern styles, personalization, and building an office online are the creative sparks driving Herman Miller RED. Herman Miller RED’s furniture is designed in bold colors and modern designs for the style conscious entrepreneur. And by selecting the proper technology, Herman Miller RED has been able to deliver a personalized experience to each and every site visitor.

Why is the idea so compelling?
The idea is compelling for both Herman Miller RED and their customers. We give customer what they want: stylish, high quality office furniture that is not expensive and doesn’t take time to select or assemble. Thus “Cool products. Doable prices.”

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