34_Stuart Burnett

Gain New Perspectives

“Ideas have become the new currency; speed-to-market is the new nirvana. Brands that succeed think and behave like challengers–even if they are leaders in their category.”


Stuart Burnett
Creative director, Perspectives Red Cell
West London, England


What is the big idea?
The big idea is really simple, relevant to our times, and to the challenges of marketing in the new millennium. Perspectives Red Cell is an outcome-focused, 360 degree marketing agency that recognises that speed to market is the new nirvana and ideas the new currency. We use the analogy of life-giving oxygen to describe the difference we make to brands established and new. Oxygenation. To invigorate brands, to bring them renewed, refreshed life wherever and whenever they touch their prospects and customers. Achieved using new, rapid solutions that utilise our innate curiosity and adrenaline.

What was your creative spark?
Established brands can no longer afford to behave as they did historically, as new entrants have an energy, pace and reach that can quickly erode their market share. But similarly, the newer brands need strategies that get them noticed, used and trusted quickly, whilst defending the ground they make. We recognised a need to invent new ways of working that challenged conventional thinking. Methodologies that favoured those brands that recognised that they may need to sacrifice a sacred cow or two. Brands that knew success would come from thinking and behaving like a challenger, even if they were category leader.

Why is the idea so compelling?
‘Acceleration’ our fast, new brand planning methodology significantly reduces the time spent on strategic and communications planning, due to it’s collaborative ethos; including clients, stakeholders and creatives from the start. It also recognises that the best thinking can’t always be found within the client and agency organisations, so we involve our ‘Eclectic Network’–a global collective of smart thinkers from outside. We all collaborate on-line using our unique ‘Oxygenator’ web-based application enabling smart people from different backgrounds and geography to work together. Clients love the involvement, Creatives the instant feedback and everyone buys into the outcome.

How or why did the idea spread?
Recognising the potential for the proposition we co-founded a new, global agency network with like-minded WPP group agencies. Agencies already dedicated to the success of challenger brands who were prepared to disregard convention in favour of a quicker, more collaborative, more exciting approach. This group, Red Cell, was launched by WPP’s Sir Martin Sorrell and CEO Luca Lindner with the help of pop icon and Eclectic Network member Sir Bob Geldof in January of 2001.