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Can Your Shoebox Do That? Onitsuka Tiger's Magical Puzzle

The shoe company's newest ad campaign features a real-live Japanese tansu box. Will anyone notice?

Onitsuka Tiger

We've seen (and yawned at) Adidas's augmented-reality-equipped sneakers. Well check out Onitsuka Tiger's new Web site and ad campaign—it's AR come to life.

That giant tansu puzzle box shoe? Well, it's real. Ad agency Amsterdam Worldwide hired Niigata tansu masters Ogura Tansu Ten to build a five-foot-long Tiger shoe out of traditional Japanese puzzle boxes—the kind that hide secret compartments if you open them in a special sequence. You can open the doors on Onitsuka's Web site (they hide little stop-motion videos), or in real life as the shoe travels around the world to Onitsuka retailers (next stop: London).

It's a pretty intense gimmick, and takes some playing around with to figure out. You gotta give it to Onitsuka, though—they didn't just knock out an all-digital box and call it a day. The question is, will anybody notice?

Onitsuka Tiger

Onitsuka Tiger

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