09_Annie Morita

Showcase Collaboration

“You don’t get points for intent, only for results. My job is to encourage people to work together to market TV shows and feature films to broadcasters around the world.”


Annie Morita
Senior vice president of marketing, Columbia TriStar
Culver City, California


Describe one or more of your core leadership principles.
Teamwork: Today’s business environment offers so many options and opportunities for marketing professionals that, in order to stay competitive, it’s imperative to get all the components working together, especially the components that are most relevant to advancing our business. As a manager, my role is to create an environment that encourages working collaboratively for the common goal of marketing television shows and feature films to broadcasters around the world.

Show us your leadership in action: a decision that you made, a situation in which you led and that put your principles to the test.
The decision was launching, a business-to-business marketing website. Immediacy is the key to working in a global business and the launch of was an important step to help us better serve our clients. Additionally, the sheer volume of our program offerings made it essential for us to have an efficient, timely and effective manner for servicing marketing materials. By fostering the importance of teamwork, everyone lent their individual expertise to design a site that would be easy to navigate and provide relevant materials to our clients around the world.

Describe the biggest obstacle you were up against.
One of the biggest obstacles we faced in creating this website was people’s inherent fear of change. While the site solved the problems of time and location in fulfilling clients’ requests for materials, there was still a natural fear of technology that we had to resolve. We invested a lot of time in educating people about the internet, convincing them that this site was the most efficient and reliable delivery system. As part of this education process, we sent our webmaster on a “world tour,” visiting clients and training their staff on how to use all of the elements provided through

Document the results of your leadership style.
Two years after its launch, is now the premiere international television marketing site on the web. We partner with our clients, recording their feedback regarding the site and make changes or adjustments as needed. We partner with our sales force to ensure that the information available on the site is relevant and meaningful. And we offer countless advertising and marketing assets digitally, allowing our staff to focus more on project management and less on ad/pub fulfillment.