The Anti-Valentine Valentine


Maybe you’ve noticed that we’ve been cajoling designers to submit their ideas for a re-design of Valentine’s Day. But if you’re still on the fence, here’s a couple new projects to inspire you.

Pictured above is the recently announced Valentine’s Day installation set to go up in Times Square, in front of the TKTS booth: “Ice Heart” will be ten feet high, and made of 169 blocks of ice, each of them the size of masonry stones. The installation goes up next Monday, and will last as long as it doesn’t melt. (A Web site will also give you realtime updates about its condition.)

The designers, Moorhead and Moorhead, are a pair of brothers who’ve also designed this poetic mobile chapel and this carbon fiber bench. Here’s how they explained the idea to Architect’s Newspaper: “”We looked at last year’s entry, ‘Two Tons of Love,’ and, well, at the
end of the day you’re just left with two tons of stuff, not to knock
that project. We didn’t want to do something that
would be there at the end. We wanted something more ephemeral.” Too true guys. Love is fickle. It never lasts.

Meanwhile, L.A. designers Kuro aren’t such big fans of Valentine’s Day either. As a remedy, they’ve created a line of cards embossed with lines from famous “love” songs:


Have any better ideas? Submit them to our Valentine’s Day contest.