Infographic of the Day: What Crises Could Crush Us in 2010?

Last weekend, the World Economic Forum held its annual meeting at Davos, and the theme this time was “Improve the State of the World.” Which naturally meant coming to terms with the risks out there. Their economists came up with a comprehensive list and assigned probabilities to each–and also mapped the linkages between each one. Then they summarized all those findings in a handy dandy interactive map that’s sure to delight paranoid conspiracy theorists everywhere:

global risks

The map allows you to click on each risk, and see how it connects to others. The size of the bubble shows the likelihood of occurrence; the weight of the link shows the strength of interconnection; the weight of the bubble outline shows severity; and a handy chart on the left shows you where the risk you’ve clicked on stands, relative to the others. (Obviously, the graph is in dire need of a decent graphic designer, but hey. This is pretty great, considering the source was a bunch of economists.)

Now, before you start stockpiling canned food and batteries, remember that none of these risks has been assigned a probability greater than 20%. That should be comforting, right? Right?

Oh, hell: Get to the Sam’s Club NOW.

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[Via Data Visualization]CK