The Coolest Humidifier You’ve Ever Seen

Karim Rashid humidifer

So you’re staying warm with one of Karim Rashid’s “Totally Rad” radiators? It’s easy on the eyes aesthetically, sure. But is it drying them out too? What you need is a humidifier. But not any will do–oh, no. It has to look good.

Thank god for designers. When they grow bored of starting revolutions, they’re taking their micron pens to household white elephants, those clunky icons of modern life we have to keep around but wish they weren’t so damn…ugly. First we got better-looking radiators. And now, better humidifiers.

Il Coccio Design humidifier

A new collection from Il Coccio Design offers ceramic humidifiers by Giulio Iacchetti, Patricia Urquiola, Denis Santachiara, and others. As silly as it sounds, they’re pretty cool-looking, especially the little factory smokestack. Fill it with water, and it puffs away. What’s next? Carbon-fiber retainer cases?

[more pics at Abitare]WB