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Recently I did ask a customer what he viewed as his competition. Because he was working in the IT market, he mentioned other IT companies. This is a very risky perspective though.  


Well your new competitors might come from totally different markets. And you also miss opportunities to learn from other markets.

This IT company who sells hardware and related services, called themselves a 'fulfillment company'. All the more reason to look outside of your current market.

For example: Zappos might also be called a fulfillment company, which started with selling shoes, moved into clothing and is now part of Amazon, which also sells IT gear and IT services. So, before you know it they are your new competitor. But you can also learn from them as well, as their culture of customer service is an example which can be applied in many markets.

Another example is Georgia State which significantly changed their customer service activities. They also had a serious look at improving the steps in their fulfillment process. 

You can learn from them, but you also have to stay alert as they might take over your position as an IT Reseller.

So, market savviness means to open up the blinkers and look also at other markets! What is your new perspective?