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Roses Are Red, Violets Are Blue, Please Redesign Valentine's Day So We Don't Puke on You

Valentine's Day

It's Groundhog Day, and you know what that means: No more holidays left between now and Black Sunday (also known as Valentine's Day). Instead of cavity-causing confections, why not give that special someone your best idea for redesigning the holiday from hell? You'll remember a few weeks back I helped Kurt Andersen launch the Redesign Valentine's Day Challenge at Studio 360. The deadline to submit your idea is midnight on Saturday, February 7, so upload your redesign to the Flickr group and you might be mentioned on a special Valentine's weekend Studio 360 show!

Last week, we got a peek at some of the first entries. This week, husband-and-wife design team Armin Vit and Bryony Gomez-Palacio chime in about the assignment, and a very special celebrity judge has joined the team: Elizabeth Gilbert, author of Eat Pray Love and Committed: A Skeptic Makes Peace with Marriage. And now, a few more of our favorites:


An inspired idea from jgluzifer: "Imagine xmas without the consumerist burden of resuscitating a flagging economy, Thanksgiving without the surfeit, New Years where our resolutions aren't solely for self-improvement but are pledged to one another. A holiday to celebrate all the modes of love, familial and romantic, a day for charity and forgiveness, selfless love, maybe even commiseration between curmudgeons and misanthropes. IOU ten hours of service to a non-profit of your choice. IOU more QT. IOU an explanation. IOU what you want the way you want it. IOU my life my devotion. IOU lunch/a bitching session. IOU a better world."


alyxlovesjellyfish says: "And you thought Romeo and Juliet had it rough." My heart burns just thinking about it.


Appropriate for these times. palmersandralee repurposed Chris Rubino's recent New York Times op-ed artwork.


More concepts of everyday love, here, "love amongst the flotsam & jetsam of life..." by +Hybridesign+.


Thoughts on what else we might try loving this holiday, by iwipup.

A few ideas were submitted without visuals, and these concepts are just begging to be illustrated.

chris paige says: "Let's return Valentine's Day to the spirit of agape and grace. Instead of sending pink valentines, practice a few acts of random kindness, for family, friends, or strangers. Whether it's refilling the office coffee pot, giving someone in your family a foot rub, handing a stranger a quarter for the parking meter, smiling at a passer-by, or sending a care package to a soldier in Afghanistan, we could practice kindness regardless of our age, race, creed, or sociability."

LHLANI agrees: "Why not change the day so it has meaning for everyone by making it a day about caring for others. You'd still express your love for your significant other, but you'd also show you care for people who are not necessarily your lovers. The phrase I CARE or an I with a slash O through it to indicate not I might be the symbol since the holiday is not about you. The gestures would be simple. In addition to giving candy and flowers, one could call an old friend, give to charity, share cookies with coworkers, or simply be nice to people. Perhaps people could work at a food bank serving food appropriate to the season."

Designers, you have until midnight on Saturday, February 7 to submit, so upload your idea soon!

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