Three Reasons Why Segregating Generations in the Workplace is a Bad Idea

“Millennials” aren’t the only ones who want to work at home or in coffee shops.



1-Millennials bring a new way of using technology- they will be able to get more done in less time, more efficiently. This will not negatively effect interpersonal relationships as some older people claim, but can actually improve the way employees interact with each other if employers are  conscious.
2- More experienced workers are more likely to feel threatened and concerned that they will be perceived as dinosaurs and become obsolete. Millennnials will have to move beyond the perception that they will be ignored or their knowledge invalidated because of age and lack of experience. The sharing of information and cross mentoring between older and younger employees will create organizations that are huge repositories of knowledge.
There are actions that employers can take so older employees will feel respected and acknowledged and be more willing to share what they know, and so younger employees will feel appreciated, and respected, be willing to learn from older employees and share ways in which technology can be used to help everyone be successful.
3- Millennials are more outcome based as  opposed to having to sit in an office all day when it is unnecessary. Some  organizations have telecommute programs, using web-ex technology to allow millennials to work from home, from coffee shops  or satellite offices. This will also benefit older employees who are taking care of parents at home, have little kids or find that they get more done out of the office.
If employers are aware of these three things, it can help them leverage millennials along with members of the other generations.
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