My Four Hour Work Week Story Part 4 – Making the 4HWW Lifestyle Work

This is a true story. I read the book over two years ago and worked like a dog to put his ideas into action. Now, I reveal exactly how it went down in my Five Part Series on the legendary Four Hour Work Week…



My Four Hour Work Week Story Part 4 – Making the 4HWW Lifestyle Work

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The Entrepreneurship Recipe

wealth-lifestyle-freedomEntrepreneurship is about three things – building wealth, designing your lifestyle, and creating more freedom. This is my greatest lesson from all of my efforts to adopt principles from The Four Hour Work Week and to make them work for me.

When I started applying the 4HWW principles, I had no idea what to
expect but the practice was incredibly powerful. I learned a lot about
what it takes to build a thriving business (and NOT a self-employment
venture), and I learned even more about myself and my goals.

While living in Berlin and traveling around Europe, I had a unique
opportunity to start over and begin thinking about designing my
lifestyle in exactly the way I wanted. Living abroad was completely
new, as was having a company cruise along without constant input from
me — aside from the occasional “putting out fires” work.

But this was the mere tip of the iceberg.

Creative Lifestyle Design v. Copy-and-Paste

Don’t get me wrong – all of Tim’s suggestions are awesome but, as he
points out himself, they’re mere starting points to get you moving in
your own direction.


The hardest part of becoming an entrepreneur is just getting off the
ground and building your business into something viable and stable. But
the part of the equation most people miss is that entrepreneurship is a
complete picture — YOU are the entrepreneur. YOUR efforts and YOUR
goals are the machine. The fuel is YOUR vision, not someone else’s

Some claim that Tim Ferriss coined the term “lifestyle design.”
Whether that’s true or not, lifestyle design is the single biggest
reason behind the success of The Four Hour Work Week and all of Tim’s popularity (or unpopularity, as the case may be).

For so long, entrepreneurship and business development was about
suits, ties, and briefcases. Now it’s about world travel, nomadic
living, and mini-retirements. That’s something you can sink your teeth

But it’s not all about lifestyle and “running amok like a rock
star.” It’s also about generating a comfortable income and increasing
the degree of freedom you experience in life. This is the
three-ingredient recipe that I have derived from my experiments and
experiences in the last few years — wealth, lifestyle, freedom.

Most people seem to miss a very crucial point in The Four Hour Work Week book. Very early on in the text, Ferriss unpacks his acronym DEAL… Definition, Elimination, Automation, and Liberation. As Wikipedia reminds us

“Definition means to figure out what a person wants, get
over fears, see past society’s “expectations,” and figure out what it
will really cost to get where a person wants to go.”

In creating your own lifestyle, the last thing you should ever do is expect someone else’s ideas to make you happy… 


Being Anti-Social Defining Your Happiness

One of my biggest critiques of Tim Ferriss is his disdain for social
networking. He almost isolates himself from the rest of the world with
gatekeepers, low information diets, and all the rest. To be honest, and
to be fair, I’m not really up-to-speed on how Tim’s handling Facebook,
Twitter, and BBC reports these days but his original message was to
avoid all of it as much as possible.

During the early periods of my 4HWW developments, I did exactly the same. Let me tell you, the results were absolutely amazing!

But there’s a line to draw somewhere…

If it makes you happy to stay up-to-date on the latest news or to
peruse social networks as leisure activity, then do it! Tim’s right: we
all need a little info-break periodically. But I’m not so sure that
cutting yourself off from the rest of the world will actually make you
happier. That’s your call.

Again, this is about making it work for you. Take the advice in The Four Hour Work Week
with a grain of salt and find ways to make Tim’s suggestions work for
YOU. Instead of keeping your social media applications running all day,
set a time in the day to check and update them. Instead of checking
your email constantly, use a program like Self Control or Freedom to
get off the web for extended periods to write for your blog or do
another landscape painting. Whatever. Just realize that too much of
anything probably isn’t going to enhance the quality of your life.

Write Your Own Four Hour Work Week Story


I’m very happy to see Tim Ferriss releasing a new edition of The Four Hour Work Week.
Hopefully more people will be inspired to think about starting their
own business and stop depending on questionable corporations to do it
all for us.


But what I’d really like to see more of is entrepreneurs
creating their own visions for how they plan to build wealth, create
lifestyle, and increase freedom.

If you haven’t already, go out and read The Four Hour Work Week. When you’re done, start writing your own entrepreneurship story.