Marketing Fail: Clean Coal Company Names Itself After the Lorax


We didn’t have a problem when a company called Lorax Motors popped up to sell the Lorax Motor Works Hauler, a recumbent tricycle outfitted with a solar panel that powers an onboard electric assist motor. Solar tricycles don’t exactly tarnish the reputation of Dr. Seuss. But now a clean coal company has emerged that is calling itself LoraxAg. Really?

LoraxAG plans to use coal gasification technology to create farm fertilizer from previously worthless coal. Five years from now, the company will sell urea, ammonia, and sulfuric acid from its process. Essentially, LoraxAG wants to build high-sulfur coal factories–not the worst use for coal, but certainly not up to Dr. Seuss standards. And in case there was any doubt about the origins of the name, LoraxAG president Mike Farina recently stated, “The Lorax is the protector of the truffula trees. We think this is the greenest use of coal.”

For its part, Seuss Enterprises had no idea that LoraxAG existed until this week. Now that it does, we hope that LoraxAG will be denied any further opportunities to destroy Dr. Seuss’s legacy.

[Via Treehugger]AS