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Seoul to Get a Giant 131 Acre Green Roof


What is it with South Korea these days? First we learned about the planned Ecorium, a giant nature reserve featuring eco domes, an education center, and an environmental think tank. And now Samoo Architects and Engineers, the same firm behind the Ecorium, has announced plans to build a 131 acre green roof on top of an old wholesale market.


As part of the Garak Wholesale Market's redesign, Samoo plans to build in "ecotubes" that bring daylight and ventilation from the top of the market to the lower floors. The green roof will also feature promenades, and a public park that captures rainwater runoff for later use. The roof will also be used to insulate the market below.

Samoo's green roof, which is significantly larger than the biggest green roof in NYC, makes us wonder: How long until the sprawling roofs become more commonplace? There can never be enough green spaces in a city, and urban planners are finally beginning to catch on.

[Via Inhabitat]