Ad It Up: Television to Live Another Day


Not long ago we noted how advertising pages in certain magazines–Time, Newsweek, New York–had suddenly surged. We took this as a bit of good news for the immediate future of print publications. Today we see more good news out there in ad land, and this time it’s being driven by that big screen over in the corner that you may have forgotten about, due to all the recent excitement over a certain new product.

But, yes, television. In the nascent iPad era (called it!), the medium still exists. Not only that, some analysts are recalibrating their estimates for the 2010 ad market for the old telly, and calling for an overall increase in spending by 5.5% this year over last. That’s a big reason why total ad spending by U.S. companies is now supposed to leap onto the plus side of the ledger, gaining about 3.8% compared to 2009. What accounts for the new optimism?

Ice skating, mostly. And skiing. And the luge. Oh, and Scott Brown. The Winter Olympic coverage and the mid-term elections, that is, national and local hot tickets, respectively. The less awesome news comes for magazines and newspapers–those poor, poor papery things–though they are now expected to be hit not quite as hard: only a 3% fall-off for mags and 5.8% for newspapers (original estimates had them losing 10% of last year’s ad revenue.)

If those battered print operations were hoping that the new Jobs creation could help offset the loss in advertising income, well, they may not be much happier today. Hey, at least there will apparently still be books for a while!

[Via All Things D]

Image: / CC BY 2.0MM