50th Anniversary of the Hollywood Walk of Fame

An old Hollywood Chamber of Commerce press release says that the
Walk of Fame began in 1960 to “maintain the glory of a community whose
name means glamour and excitement in the four corners of the world.”
Really, it was a clever scheme to create a revenue source for the
chamber. Nearly 2,400 stars now honor some of the world’s most
entertaining people, and while fans may nominate new honorees, they
should be ready to foot the bill: Selection carries a $25,000
“sponsorship fee.” (Liza Minnelli’s fans held bake sales in 1991 to
cover the then-$5,000 fee.) In Hollywood, of course, that’s relative
pocket change, and there’s no shortage of stars wanting to cement their
fame. In fact, as the Walk turns 50, there are enough for a yearlong
celebration, beginning with today’s ceremony to unveil a star for Ringo
… Starr. — SS

Mon, February 08

50th Anniversary of the Hollywood Walk of Fame

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