National Biodiesel Conference and Expo

So many things suffered in 2009 — and you can add biodiesel to the
list. Oil prices sank, taking biodiesel demand down with it; the EPA
was late drafting its renewable-fuels standard, delaying federal
mandates that were supposed to help biodiesel gain a foothold in the
market; and the EU, the U.S. biodiesel industry’s largest market,
imposed tariffs on American biodiesel. And yet the tone at the 2010
National Biodiesel Conference in Grapevine, Texas, will be decidedly
upbeat. That could, in part, be escapism — the agenda includes a golf
tournament and a Super Bowl party. But it could also represent healthy
realism, as exemplified by our favorite session: “Texas Hold ‘Em: High
Stakes in the Biodiesel Business.” — ERICA WESTLY

Sun, February 07

National Biodiesel Conference and Expo

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