World Nutella Day

Is licking chocolate-hazelnut spread out of a jar on your agenda
today? Well, it should be — and Sara Rosso wants you to chronicle the
indulgent act online. In 2007, the smitten American digital strategist
and food blogger, who lives in Milan, started World Nutella Day, on
which fans all over the world eat and tell via Twitter, YouTube,
Flickr, and Facebook. The Italian treat, which is the No. 1 spread on
the European table, already has more than 3 million Facebook fans, and
Ferrero, its manufacturer, is no doubt grateful for the attention. This
year’s celebration comes as it makes a big U.S. push, with ad campaigns
meant to help Nutella take a bigger bite of the nearly $5 billion
sweet-spread market. — LILLIAN CUNNINGHAM

Fri, February 05

World Nutella Day

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