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Apple iPad Launch by the Numbers


There's a lot of information flying around about Apple's just-unveiled iPad tablet, so we broke it down into its most basic form: numbers. Here, a quick scan of relevant info to make you the resident iPad guru.

30: Number of seconds after 10 a.m. PST that Steve Jobs appeared on stage.

19: years between the release of the first Apple laptop, the PowerBook 100, and the first Apple tablet, the iPad.

34: Number of years Apple has existed.

$50.6 billion: Apple's total 2009 revenues.

3: Number of PC laptops within sightline of editor and attendee Noah Robischon at presentation.

10: Minutes it took Jobs to unveil the actual existence of and name the iPad.

.5: Inches the iPad is thick.

1.5: Pounds the iPad weighs.

9.7: Inches the display is diagonally.

720p: Resolution of 1024 x 768 screen.

1: Number of GHz in the Apple A4 chip.

64: Maximum number of gigabytes of storage available.

16: Minimum number of gigabytes of storage available. (Other option: 32gb.)

10: Claimed hours of battery life, including watching video and using WiFi.

31: Claimed minimum number of days the iPad can remain on standby.


2: Number of iPad cameras rumored and expected.

0: Number of cameras on the iPad.

1: Number of buttons on the front of the iPad.

1: Number of fingers Steve Jobs used to type on the iPad.

284: Number of physical Apple retail stores worldwide.

50 million: Number of people who visited Apple retail stores last quarter.

3: Number of stores on the iPad (iTunes, App Store, iBooks).

140,000 : Approximate number of apps iPad can run out of the box.

3 million: Number of times The New York Times app has been downloaded onto iPhone and iPod Touch.

19: Approximate number of times execs from The New York Times prayed thanks for the iPad.

5: Number of major publishing partners for iBooks store.

$5: Cheapest iBook shown in store.

$15: Most expensive iBook shown in store.

7: Estimated number of times Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos wiped his hands on his frog-like bald head in desperation during presentation.

$499: Lowest price for an iPad (16gb with no 3G support).

$829: Highest price for an iPad (64gb with 3G support).

$50: Price shouted by Gizmodo's Brian Lam when Steve Jobs jokingly asked the crowd's opinion for the iPad price.

$30: Price for unlimited, no-contract 3G data plan from AT&T.

250: Number of megabytes in no-contract 3G data plan from AT&T costing $15 per month.


0: Number of times iPad was trending on Twitter 15 minutes after presentation ended.

1: Number of times iTampon was trending on Twitter 15 minutes after presentation ended.

6: Number of versions of iPad produced (16gb, 32gb, 64gb, each with 3G and non-3G versions).

2: Times iPad was referred to as a "gold rush for developers."

60: Minimum number of days until iPad is available worldwide. (90 days for 3G versions.)

21: Number of times audience applauded.

2: Number of people allowed to sit in the onstage chair, including Steve Jobs. (The other was Apple's SVP of product marketing Phil Schiller.)

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