Apple’s iPad Name Not the First Choice for Women. Period.

digg_url = ‘//’; digg_skin = ‘compact’; Sure, the iPad is cool and all, but about that name…



“Is it that time of the month again?”

“It sounds like a sanitary napkin.”

“Will the next version have wings?”

Of all the names that Apple had reportedly secured–Apple Tablet, iTablet, Magic Slate, iSlate–I think it’s safe to say that no one truly believed that Apple would name their newest product the iPad. Especially women.

“So will the 64GB one be called the Maxi-Pad?”


“I’m holding out for the iRag.”

Seconds after the name was announced social networks lit up with not-so-fresh one-liners from both men and women (a CNBC anchor mentioned her very candid thoughts on-air). About an hour after the announcement #iTampon was a trending topic on Twitter.

But it was the females in the crowd who read more into Apple’s menstrual pun. They seemed to think Apple’s name was indicative of a male-helmed team oblivious to the fact that they were pushing an insensitively-named product. “Surely no women were involved in naming it the iPad” was a widely-reTweeted sentiment. Another: “iPad: Proof not enough women work in the Apple Naming Department.”

Another call issued from the Twitterverse begged Jobs and Apple to
direct all the newfound attention to sanitary napkins towards initiatives like a UNICEF program which provides affordable menstruation products to women in developing nations. Kimberly-Clark is currently delivering feminine hygiene products to Haiti.

If Apple really wanted to tap the female market they should have taken a cue from this MadTV spot from 2007 which predicted some other extremely useful features not offered on today’s debut:


Does Jobs’ iPad have a vaginal firewall? I think not.

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