State of the Union Focus: Still the Economy, Obvs


For the second time in recent history, tonight’s State of the Union address will focus on the economy. Of course much has changed since 43 gave his sendoff speech. For one thing, 44 is in charge now. And while Wall Street seems to have rebounded over the course of the last year, Main Street–to use the well-worn formulation–continues to struggle with high unemployment rates across the country.

President Obama’s next several months in office–specifically, how he and his administration handle the ongoing economic challenges–will go a long way toward determining what happens not only in the mid-term elections but also in 2012.

If this survey of eight economic experts is any indication, there is a wide range of opinion on how well or not Obama has done to right the ship during his first year as President. But there are a couple of things everyone can agree on: 1. He took over at the worst econmic moment since the 1930s. And 2. It would be great if he could magically fix everything like rightthisminute.

When asked to grade the president on his handling of the economy so far, the eight panelists offered grades that ranged from one F to one B+, with most folks finding some middle ground. That means Obama’s GPA in this instance sat just above 2, or a little better than a C average. That’s a far cry from what he was pulling to graduate magna cum laude from Harvard Law School in 1991. Here’s hoping he can pull an all-nighter or two and get his current grades back up to honors levels!

Image: / CC BY 2.0MM