Brangelina: The Power of Brad and Angelina’s Co-Brand

Brangelina: the split that was so close, but wasn’t. News of the World’s false rumor about the Brangelina split was the latest example of how co-branding can generate greater impact than individual brands alone (i.e. just Brad or Angelina). Would Brad’s split from a D-list actress or Angelina’s breakup from a no-name model spark such a media frenzy as this latest rumor? Probably not. Their combined star-power (or co-brand) ladders up to something significantly more interesting and buzzworthy.

Co-branding is the joining of two or more brands to make a larger market impact. Just as Nike teams up with Apple’s iPod to create a new product, or Aston Martin partners with Nokia, co-branding is a powerful way to create more publicity, generate revenues and develop new products. For instance, the Brangelina brand generated significant revenues for Mr. & Mrs. Smith and raised public awareness for adoption.

Pre-Brangelina, Brad Pitt’s core brand strength was about meaningful relationships (think the long-term relationship with Jennifer Aniston) with a little sex-appeal thrown into the mix — similar to the current Brangelina brand. On the other hand, Angelina was about pushing limits — from her rocky relationship with Billy Bob Thorton to her infamous family kiss. Brad and Angelina’s brands transformed when they partnered (Angelina more so than Brad). As Brangelina, they have created a new brand — one that is about

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