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What Will the iTablet Look Like? Everyone’s Busy Guessing

Apple Tablet

A meager handful of hours remain until Apple’s fabled tablet PC is apparently due to get its moment in the spotlight. Speculation is reaching fever pitch, of course. And one big thing on everyone’s mind is what the hell will it look like? Below, a few guesses and supposed image leaks. Above, well, we couldn’t resist taking a stab of our own at what the tablet might look like, based on the rumors we want to believe.

Rendering or Realthing?

Courtesy of VentureBeat and designer Dustin Curtis yesterday we got the images below. He believes they’re real, from an Apple source who tweaked the images to make them look false…in order to “add doubt about their authenticity” (perhaps to protect his job?). We’re calling shenanigans. But it looks pretty.

Apple Tablet

Apple Tablet

Jesus Diaz’s Beautiful Art

Gizmodo’s Senior Contributing Editor Jesus Diaz has hidden creative skills, and long ago crafted some concept imagery based on what was assumed to be the tablet’s specs. They’re hugely convincing. And tomorrow we’ll find out exactly how prescient Jesus turned out to be…

Apple Tablet

Photo or Fraud?

French gadget site BeGeek leaked out some more photos yesterday, alleging that they’re real photos of a real Apple tablet–possibly a prototype, and possibly labeled iTablet from the image file names. Are they real? They’re the most convincing fakes yet, if not. And they make us wonder about the device’s ergonomics…

Apple Tablet

The iPhone Meets Rolling Pin Concept

Appleinsider apparently got the skinny on the tablet’s design from folks inside Apple, and the most compelling description is that it looks like a first-gen iPhone flattened with a rolling pin. They dug up an old concept image from an Apple fan (Fotoboer.nl) that looks much like this, and suggested it’s the best match to the real thing yet–though it lacks the home button and iPhone buttons…which the iTablet’s reputed to retain.

Apple tablet

Will any of these prove to be close to Jonathon Ive’s creative efforts? We’ll know tomorrow.

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