Best of TreeHugger: Green Highlights from Obama’s 1st Year, World’s Most Bikable Cities, and the Impact of Apple’s Tablet

These cities very well may be the world’s most bikable.

An 11 year-old created an iPhone app, marketed it–and gave the proceeds to charity.

President Obama

Here’s a quick look at the 11 green milestones in Barack Obama’s first year as president.

This stunning photo shows the wake effect on wind turbines.

Nuclear winter seems more perilously easy to trigger than ever before.

TreeHugger’s tech writer Jaymi asks: what does apple’s tablet really mean for our society?


A cold war era plane gets converted into a luxury hotel suite, and a shipping container makes for a zero carbon art gallery.

Finally, a new study found that public transit riders in the US saved $9,200 annually when compared to drivers.