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Get Your Heart On (Or, Er, Off): Take the Redesign Valentine's Day Challenge

heart surgery

If the helium hearts starting to creep into your local corner store are making you queasy, why not re-examine your devotion to this rosy-red holiday? About a week ago I helped Studio 360 launch a contest to redesign Valentine's Day, and as of today there are a little over two weeks left to add your contribution. There are about 50 submissions already uploaded to the Flickr group, where Studio 360's Kurt Andersen and some surprise guests will be plucking their favorites from to mention on the air. Here are some of my favorites so far:

Valentine's Day

We now know that true emotional attachment is forged in the nervous—not the circulatory—system, right? So jbrunner2020 adjusted our iconography to reflect current scientific data.

Valentine's Day

Craigslist "Missed Connections" illustrated by SophieBlackall reflect very contemporary (and often fleeting) feelings of attraction and longing.

Valentine's Day

This image's caption by michael.nicolson is too awesome not to include: "I used to have Valentine's day parties based on the theme LOVE WILL TEAR U.S. APART which was inspired by the Joy Division song of the same name. It was the eighties, we were in architecture school, everyone had to wear black to the party and the music was great."

Valentine's Day

The striking wild "city hearts" captured in the field by Urban Love Daily are both arresting and beautiful. To me, they evoke the concept of everyday love.

Valentine's Day

The designers at Knock Knock are exceptionally skilled at portraying the less-than-deal side of this lovers' holiday, including this legally-binding contract that releases the signees from acts of "forced romanticism."

Meanwhile, husband-and-wife design team Armin Vit and Bryony Gomez-Palacio are hard at work reimagining the holiday over at UnderConsideration. According to Gomez-Palazio, they're currently "debating the relevance of cupid..." Designers, you have until February 7, so upload your idea soon!

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